What you need to know

Will my employees have adequate access to cost and quality information to help them make informed health care decisions?

The essence of a consumer-driven health plan is reliable and accurate information. Because consumers are invested in their health care choices and want access to information, most employers, health plan providers, and benefits advisors will have printed and electronic materials. In addition, questions may be addressed to organizations’ human resources departments. Consider these frequent concerns when choosing your plan:

Are health plan premiums deducted from my income?

Is the least expensive plan the best or the worst plan?

How can I minimize out-of-pocket expenses without jeopardizing coverage?

Can I access services and products such as prescriptions through the mail?

Can I access services and products such as prescriptions over the Internet?

How do employees access savings accounts?

What services are not allowable under the plan or the savings account?

Does the company offer an employee assistance program (EAP)?

How can I access the EAP?

What types of health improvement programs does the company offer through the work site?

Does the company offer health improvement programs for my spouse/children?

Coaches' Takeaway

Access to cost and quality information varies by market and insurance carrier.  Transparency of cost and quality information is gaining momentum and new tools and resources are being created every day. CDHPs encourage broad consumer education and more healthcare choices so users can make informed decisions in times of illness and stress—or, even better, before health problems occur.

Tools & Resources

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What you need to know