What you need to know

What is the most important thing regarding my employees that I need to consider if we decide to proceed with CDHP?

There are many considerations, starting with the culture of your organization. Are you more paternalistic “taking care” of your employees rather than asking them to be responsible and accountable for their own choices? Another consideration will be the needs of your lower-income earning employees (especially those with families). You will need to look at what your employer contribution to the healthcare account will be and take into consideration your employees’ ability to pay any out-of-pocket costs associated with your CDHP design.

It is important for you to balance between the challenge of implementing a full-replacement CDHP program against giving them an opportunity to drive high voluntary participation in your CDHP via proper focus groups, advice from your Benefits Advisor, and a solid communication plan-of-action. Strive to communicate the reason why the change is crucial to the overall strategy—healthier employees!

Coaches' Takeaway

A CDHP is a process, and it will take time to learn. By taking control of the performance of your health plan and making it work for you, you are paving the road ahead for your employees to build their healthcare confidence, and that takes time.

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