The Power of CDHP

Consumer Driven Health Plan (CDHP)

Typically lower premiums combined with a Healthcare account.

Promotes Transparency – if you are spending your money you want to know what you’re going to pay.

Promotes Responsibility – Once you know the value of the health services you receive you will make more informed decisions

Promotes Opportunity –  The CDHP solution comes with the opportunity to benefit physically and financially

Unused dollars in your healthcare account can be carrier forward for future health care expenses – all tax free!

You make healthcare decisions

Traditional Plan

Typically higher premiums with no healthcare account.

Does not promote Transparency – if you only have to worry about a co-pay you really don’t care what a procedure costs.

Does not promote Responsibility – if you never understand the value of the health services you receive why would you question any directive from your doctor.

Does not promote Opportunity –  your  general health and use of healthcare services offer no rewards for choosing a better, more cost effective option

HMO and PPO plans, do not return any of your premium for you being healthy

No ability to try alternative method

“Consumer-driven health plans (CDHPs) have surpassed health maintenance organizations (HMOs) to become the second-most common plan design offered by U.S. employers."
—Survey by HR consultancy Aon Hewitt