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Welcome to the CDHP Coach Benefit Advisor’s Office. The first step toward becoming CDHP savvy is realizing that you do not have all the answers for every question about a CDHP. As an employer, it is incumbent upon you to seek reliable information and provide answers to those questions from credible sources—positioning yourself as the go-to person.

Certainly, the planning phase of your CDHP should include active participation from your Benefits Advisor. CDHP Coach has assembled helpful information that will assist you before your face-to-face communication with your Benefits Advisor. This information is just one more example of how the CDHP Coach can assist you along your CDHP journey.

Engage, educate, and empower truly is a team effort! Aligning yourself with a knowledgeable Benefits Advisor is an instrumental component in a successful CDHP program.

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CDHPCoach’s Storage Facility, where the Coach has organized and compiled a vast amount of tools and resources for you to access.


Housed here are key components and information within the book, Bend the Healthcare Trend which was the impetus behind the CDHPCoach.