As an Employer, what should my human resources team be doing as an on-going transition to CDHP?

Your human resources team is critical to successfully implementing the plan. They must feel comfortable with their understanding of the CDHP. Getting them on board early by working with your employee benefits consultant and insurance provider can set the tone for the entire transition. Having invested years in the previous plan’s administration, HR personnel must be convinced that it’s worth the initial effort of switching from a traditional managed-care plan to a CDHP. Once HR is convinced, they could be your most ardent supporters. Initially, HR may see the CDHP solution as a lot more work and the education challenges more daunting. As the plan administrators and the liaison to your employees, HR must have the most complete understanding of CDHPs. You must not underestimate their influence on your staff. If HR is confused and unconvinced that these changes are for the best, employees will hesitate to even consider a new health plan offering. When your HR team is informed and confident, their attitude will help employees feel much more comfortable with the change.

Coaches' Takeaway

Find out how HR is feeling well before renewal and open enrollment takes place; it will allow an opportunity to implement any needed educational, procedural, or vendor changes before you consult with your insurance provider.

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