What are my employees saying about our CDHP?

If the response from your employees to the CDHP solution has been mostly positive, consider that a marker of success. If there have been some negative reactions, take the time to get insight and see where more education or greater assistance is needed. If you haven’t heard anything at all, you might have a problem. In order to make your plan a success, you need to understand how the consumer feels. CDHPs are designed to engage consumers and ask them to do more. Encourage your employees to share their CDHP experiences so that you are aware of any significant concerns before you finalize your renewal and plan offering for open enrollment. Speak to your benefits advisor or your insurer if you need additional guidance.

Coaches' Takeaway

In order to make your plan a success, you need to know how the consumer feels—CDHPs are designed to engage the consumer and require them to do more, which is a good thing when it comes to their health and your financial investment.

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