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Welcome to an important stop for your CDHP understanding. As you begin to look at CDHPs, or have been an advocate utilizing this plan within your organization, knowing the rules in an ever-changing environment is paramount. No matter which health savings account you may wish to offer, bear in mind a health savings account (HSA) must be offered in conjunction with an HSA-compatible high-deductible health plan that complies with IRS guidelines.

The inclusion of an IRS site for CDHP understanding and development is a year-to-year learning process. Limits, maximum deductibles, and contributions are all necessary pieces of information to keep you informed and on top of your program. Getting facts and locating answers from the source (IRS) itself is not only good coaching—but it also puts at ease what you should already be preparing for in implementing a proper CDHP plan.

While the information provided is not intended as a substitute for any official plan or documentation, it will direct you to where you may best find answers for your questions about IRS guidelines.

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What you need to know