What you need to know

What are the supporting principles of CDHP?


A CDHP is structured with a front-end deductible to which all services (except preventive care) are subjected. Unlike traditional health insurance plans where consumers (your employees) pay co-pays that are just a fraction of the cost, a CDHP requires the consumer (your employee) to pay the actual cost of healthcare up to the limit of that deductible. The result is that for perhaps the first time in their lives, they will see what services actually cost, and they can begin the journey of developing confidence as a healthcare consumer.


There are two tenets to the principle of responsibility. First, it is generally accepted that all of us have the responsibility to live a healthy lifestyle by eating right, getting enough rest, exercising, managing stress, and visiting our primary care doctor once yearly for a check-up. Second, we also have the responsibility of accessing healthcare in a thoughtful way, should we get sick.

Once consumers understand the value of the health services they receive, it’s up to them to make informed decisions about how they use the healthcare system, and to do whatever they can to avoid needing healthcare in the first place. A responsible decision could be as simple as speaking with a nurse instead of making a trip to the emergency room. An example of taking steps to avoid needing services at all is getting an annual flu shot.


There are also two tenets to the principle of opportunity that flow from the principle of responsibility. First is the opportunity for the consumer to benefit physically and second, the opportunity to benefit financially. Consumers benefit physically as they take better care of their health by seeking preventive care to identify health risks and address them before they become serious health challenges. They benefit financially by avoiding using the healthcare system unnecessarily, preserving the money in their healthcare accounts and helping them save that money for future healthcare expenses.

Coaches' Takeaway

Transparency, Responsibility, and Opportunity. Engage, Educate, and Empower.

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What you need to know