What you need to know

Why should my company switch to a CDHP?

There are many reasons switching to a CDHP can benefit your company:

Health insurance is the second-largest expense after payroll in most organizations, and costs are rising faster.

Lower premiums and rates of increases every year thereafter save money.

The health and well-being of your employees is a business strategy.

Creating a culture of health and wellness improves productivity and overall health.

Consumerism is an engagement strategy; it leads to education, then empowerment.

Empowerment transforms into healthy choices, which lower costs over time.

Consumer-Driven Health Plans are proven to lower health costs by improving overall health and well-being and encouraging employees to make informed choices.  They Engage, Educate, and Empower you and your employees to save money by making better choices.

Coaches' Takeaway

This unique value proposition helps you transform your culture by asking your employees to change their lifestyles and become healthier, stronger, and more productive in every area of their lives. In turn, your company will spend less on healthcare and benefit from more productive employees.

Tools & Resources

CDHPCoach’s Storage Facility, where the Coach has organized and compiled a vast amount of tools and resources for you to access.


Housed here are key components and information within the book, Bend the Healthcare Trend which was the impetus behind the CDHPCoach.


What you need to know