What you need to know

Once the plan is implemented, what are my responsibilities as an employer going forward?

Measure results. Are you seeing a more informed consumer? Survey your workforce to see if they are becoming savvy shoppers. Keep the culture of health and wellness as the rudder that is steering your program. Add incentives and integrate that culture on a consistent basis. There is no final step in the implementation of a CDHP. It is an evolving healthcare strategy that can be altered and modified so that it’s always beneficial for you and your company. After the initial set-up and education, you can settle into your plan, but don’t ignore it. Assess it regularly to ensure it’s working to its full potential and that it’s always helping you and your company reach your goals and objectives.

In addition to monitoring your plan’s performance, check in with your employees to gauge their understanding of their health and lifestyle choices and make sure they are working up to their full potential. After the initial excitement dies down, your employees could return to bad habits if they don’t experience positive reinforcement, so keep them encouraged and keep educating.

There is no better way to keep up enthusiasm than to demonstrate positive results, so whenever you have positive stories or wellness-related news to share, whether it is about decreased spending, employees quitting smoking, or an office soccer league winning a tournament, spread the word. Newsletters or office bulletins are an excellent way to deliver news and keep staff motivated.

Finally, encourage your HR leadership and support team to continue to share the message. Your HR team, your benefits advisor, and your insurer should be there to make the process as successful and stress-free as possible—not just for your employees, but also for you—so take advantage of the support system you’ve put in place and be sure to maximize your own resources. There’s no problem that can’t be solved, and the first step is to access informed and helpful guidance.

You and your employees worked hard to make the CDHP adoption process a success and you should be congratulated for taking your healthcare spending into your own hands. You’ve helped yourselves and the company save money and improve overall health and well-being. The efforts of many will have a positive effect on everyone by taking a dent out of this enormous area of spending.

Coaches' Takeaway

Maintain your support programs and your enthusiasm, and the CDHP solution will provide returns for you for years to come

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What you need to know