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How should I communicate this plan to my employees?

Sample communications are included in the Additional Resources section.


Dear Valued [ABC Employee]:

As you are aware, in the coming weeks you will be receiving information regarding our new health and wellness benefits. These program changes will be effective on [renewal/start-up date], and we strongly urge you to read and respond to any actions required of you. A consumer-driven health and wellness plan puts you in charge of important decisions about your and your family’s health care coverage. A timely response may be needed for your plan.

We are fully aware and cognizant that health care needs vary from family to family and from person to person. Therefore, having you in charge of selecting the “right-fit” program that works within your budget and addresses your needs was our primary concern. In addition, the health savings account (HSA) will remain with you as long as you have a balance in the account. Our Benefits Advisor, [advisor’s name], has provided us with detailed information and a set of tools to assist you in making your choice. Once you enroll, the tax-free HSA contributions may be used for premiums, and eligible out-of-pocket health care expenses such as prescriptions and dental and/or vision care, and any unused HSA dollars will roll over to the next year!

The three principals of a CDHP are transparency, responsibility, and opportunity. Looking at ways to make informed decisions leads to cost-effective savings. When you see costs and take effective steps toward being an educated consumer, you make responsible decisions. Finally, you see that the benefits of living healthier and improving your health afford you more opportunities—both physical and financial—a win-win for our most valuable resource:YOU!

At [ABC], we look forward to embracing better health and wellness, as well as providing our employees with choices they make for themselves.

Best wishes and good health,

[Mr. CEO, ABC Company]

Coaches' Takeaway

Every company should have a communication and education strategy tailored specifically to its unique needs. An employer should consult their Benefits Advisor and create a partnership with their health insurance carrier and/or an outside wellness vendor to implement a communication plan.

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What you need to know