What you need to know

What is a medical savings account?

Archer MSAs were created to help self-employed individuals and employees of certain small employers meet the medical care costs of the account holder, the account holder’s spouse, or the account holder’s dependent(s). To qualify for an Archer MSA, you must be either:

An employee (or the spouse of an employee) of a small employer that maintains a self-only or family HDHP for you (or your spouse).
A self-employed person (or the spouse of a self-employed person) who maintains a self-only or family HDHP. You can have no other health or Medicare coverage, except what is permitted under other health coverage.

You must be an eligible individual on the first day of a given month to get an Archer MSA deduction for that month.

Coaches' Takeaway

Medical savings accounts were created to help the self-employed or small business owners.

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