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How drastic of a change is associated with a CDHP regarding my health care?

Most changes with a CDHP are not drastic, but certainly come with more transparency, responsibility, and opportunity. All innovative products and services have to overcome some hurdles when they are first introduced to the market, and CDHPs are no different. Americans have been subscribing to the same type of insurance for over 30 years, and much of the effectiveness at holding costs down has run its course. But the US healthcare system has changed a lot over the past several decades, as have consumers’ knowledge and sensitivity to healthcare costs; CDHPs take those changes into consideration.

When something is new, people tend to be skeptical, especially when it offers a solution to a problem that seems impossible to fix. What do consumers who are still using traditional managed care plans know about CDHPs? Ask most people, and you’d probably find their answer is based on uninformed media influence, negative perception, and the general misgivings that tend to surround new products and services. Unfortunately, the negative publicity gives them a somewhat skewed perception of this innovative approach to health insurance.

One of the most common misperceptions about CDHPs is that they are only high-deductible health plans (HDHPs). This only tells half the story. An HDHP without a healthcare account only covers users when they’ve incurred significant costs. The heart of the CDHP is a healthcare account that helps the consumer understand the true cost of healthcare and contains the funds that pay for their healthcare products and services.

The principles of transparency, responsibility, and opportunity define this new approach to health insurance. The employer, consumer, provider and health plan all play a significant role and those roles need to be understood in order for CDHP to deliver on its value proposition.

Coaches' Takeaway

Most changes are not dramatic unless there is an identification of a medical condition.

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