Can I have a HRA, HSA, and FSA at the same time? If so, which one does the employer fund?

Yes, an HRA and FSA may co-exist. Employers fund the HRA and employees fund the FSA for qualified medical expenses beyond what the employer-funded HRA will pay for.

May an FSA, HRA, and HSA co-exist?  Yes, all three healthcare account structures may co-exist, although there are “ordering rules” that must be followed.  The employer may offer a QHDHP and establish an HSA for each of its eligible employees. The employer may also establish a post-deductible HRA to pay for qualified medical expenses beyond the IRS minimum deductible requirements. At the same time, the employer can make a limited-purpose FSA (LPFSA) available to employees, so that they can set aside tax-preferred money to pay for qualified vision and dental expenses. This triple-tier healthcare account strategy is called “healthcare account stacking”, and is an advanced CDHP solution.

Coaches' Takeaway

Yes, all three healthcare account structures may co-exist, as long as the flexible spending account is a limited-purpose flexible spending account that can be used to pay only for dental and vision expenses. There are also healthcare account “ordering rules” that must be followed.

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