What if state law is not the same as federal law regarding HSAs?

Because of federal laws and guidance residents in all 50 states can use HSAs with qualified HDHP’s.  State laws and regulations passed in 2004-10, and a few more recently, also play a role in the use of health savings accounts, through insurance regulation, measures that encourage development or offering of HSAs and/or laws that provide state tax exemptions to parallel federal tax treatment.  If you are not sure if you state has any specific HSA regulations, contact your HR team or benefits advisor for further clarification.

A CDHP solution is highly effective at controlling cost and improving overall health and well-being because of its philosophy, which is governed by three principles:  transparency, responsibility, and opportunity.

Coaches' Takeaway

State laws may impact or enhance the use of an HSA with a qualified HDHP.   Contact your HR Team or Benefits Advisor for further clarification.

Self-insured plans are governed by ERISA and don’t have to comply with state benefit laws.

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